Class Tutor

St. Mogue’s College attaches the utmost importance to the welfare and happiness of the students.  Accordingly, a structure is established to cater for the social and emotional needs of students.  Each student is assigned to a year group and class.  The class tutors make a particular effort to get to know his/her group in tutorial class and takes a special interest in each child’s progress and well-being. Tutors also communicate with parents through the school diary and monitor absences, homework, uniform and work closely to support students’ welfare in the college. Parents can communicate with their child’s tutor through school diary.




Class Tutors 2019-20

1st Year: Ms. S Prior, Ms. A Earley

2nd Year: Ms. A Fay, Mr. A. Brady

3rd Year: Ms. M. McEnaney, Ms. E. Connaughton

TY: Mr J Gaffey

5th Year: Mr. L. Carolan, Mr. N. Lynch, Ms. L. Quinn

6th Year: Ms. M Donohoe, Ms. E. Smith