St. Mogue’s College attaches the utmost importance to the welfare and happiness of the students.  Accordingly, a structure is established to cater for the social and emotional needs of students.  Each student is assigned to a year group and class.  The class tutors make a particular effort to get to know his/her group in tutorial class and takes a special interest in each child’s progress and well-being. Tutors also communicate with parents through the school diary and monitor absences, homework, uniform and work closely to support students’ welfare in the college. Parents can communicate with their child’s tutor through school diary.


Class Tutors 2019-20

1st Year: Ms. S Prior, Ms. A Earley

2nd Year: Ms. A Fay, Mr. A. Brady

3rd Year: Ms. M. McEnaney, Ms. E. Connaughton

TY: Mr J Gaffey

5th Year: Mr. L. Carolan, Mr. N. Lynch, Ms. L. Quinn

6th Year: Ms. M Donohoe, Ms. E. Smith

Year Heads are assigned to both Junior and Senior Cycles.  The Year Head communicates with the class tutors and monitors student progress within the year. The year head communicates with parents and provides support for students within the year group.

Year Heads 2019-2020

1st/2nd/3rd Years: Mr. P Martin & Ms. L Quinn

TY: Mrs M Donohoe

5th & 6th Year: Ms J Moore & Mr. J Flynn

All students in the college have full access to the school’s professional Guidance Teacher.  The service is dedicated to meeting the expressed needs of the students and is available to all year groups. 

In senior cycle, the Guidance Teacher works with all the students on an individual basis, helping with study plans, career path explorations and college applications.

Students who consistently display positive behaviour are recognised by their teachers with verbal and non-verbal praise, personal recognition from the principal, deputy principal, year tutors or teachers, rewards which include an organised trip, an outdoor activity.  They are also eligible for special awards at our Annual Gala Awards Ceremony.

SPHE and CSPE are offered as mainstream subjects.  The school has implemented the Cool School Programme under the auspices of the H.S.E.  We are committed to our Anti-bullying Charter which provided an environment free from fear, bullying and all anti-social behaviour which contravenes the ethos of the school.  In addition, a Personal Development Course incorporating life coaching skills is made available to students each year.

St. Mogue’s College achieves excellence through partnership.  The students’ council is made up of elected representatives from each year group.  It provides a forum for students to express their opinions and to represent the views of the wider student body on matters of concern to them.

A group of senior students are mentors to 1st year students.  They receive leadership training and advice on how to deal with issues that may arise.  Subsequently they are assigned a small group of 1st year students whom they meet once a week.  This has proven a very effective forum for networking, discussing hopes and fears and identifying instances of bullying.

St. Mogue’s College strives to ensure that all students, irrespective of ability, are enabled to acquire personal, social and academic skills.  Learning support is an integral part of the timetable for students with special educational needs.

Resource teachers, in consultation with specific task groups, have developed a programme which ensures adherence to our vision that all students fulfil their potential.

St. Mogue’s College encourages its students to protect their good health and to develop healthy eating habits.  A breakfast bar is in operation every morning.  Our canteen facilities are currently being upgraded and a healthy lunch continues to be available to students from the new canteen.

Students receive information and risk awareness classes in the areas of Drug and Alcohol abuse and addiction. Workshops and guest speakers are utilised to educate students on the dangers and risks involved.

A very successful Transfer Programme from Primary to Post Primary has been implemented.  Included in this programme are:

• Coderdojo Club

• I.T Classes

• Spanish Classes

• St. Mogue’s College Master Chef Competition

• Science Fair

• School visits with DVD presentation

• Short story, poetry, and art competitions for 4th, 5th and 6th class students

• St. Mogue’s Perpetual Cup Inter-Schools Competition

• School Open Day

• Invitation to St. Mogue’s College Awards Ceremony

• Joint trip with 1st year to Activity Centre

In addition to these activities, students are invited to St. Mogue’s College for to sample these sessions.

The purpose of the awards ceremony is to highlight students’ achievements in the areas of academic, physical, social, personal and spiritual development.

The highest standard of academic achievement is the central focus and core purpose of teaching and learning in St. Mogue’s College and as such takes centre stage at our annual awards ceremony.

The holistic development of the individual is also recognised as a significant contributing factor in ensuring maximum participation in and uptake in the educational experience.

Students are honoured for excellence in every area of school life – curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular.  A perpetual cup is presented to the most outstanding senior student in the academic field.

The event is attended by many distinguished guest speakers from the world of politics, television and sport.  The awards ceremony attracts a capacity crowd of parents, students and community representatives from sports and other local organisations.  From the compering of the event by the highly proficient MC to the video presentations and theme music every aspect of the ceremony is skilfully engineered with minute attention to detail.